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Adventure Activities in Nepal

In the strive for personal and professional proficiencies, perfections and respect most of us loose sense of adventure and fantasy of the childhood and forgo creativity in exchange for work efficiencies. We produce more, try to earn more and consume more in endless cycle of modern commercialism.

It comes the time that everyone needs a break from mundane everyday drudgery and necessary routine to regain humanity, sanity and become kindred spirit again even if only for a short moment. We all need adventure in our lives to refresh energy for another year or another phase in life. Whatever it is, most of us have somewhere deep in the psyche the spirit of Mad Max, Indiana Jones or wild Amazon.

Here comes Nepal with its extraordinary beauty of Himalayan nature and hospitality of its people. The place of ultimate adventure, where you can full all your adventure dreams and desires from the best world’s hiking, trekking, mountaineering to very dynamic adventures of mountain biking, paragliding, ultra-light flights, bungy jumping, high altitude trail running, speed climbing, rock climbing, skiing 7000m or even 8000m peaks and all that above the rest of the world with breathtaking vistas and among friendly, ever happy, spiritual, kind and helpful people.

Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition trekking agency based in Kathmandu, with its offices in Australia and Japan and affiliates worldwide can provide you with any combination of as all above programs in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Northern India. We also provide flight reservations, hotel booking and land transportation.

With our background in climbing and mountaineering services we proud ourselves with flexibility and organization of services for groups large and small as well as individual adventurers.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Snowy Horizon Treks & Expedition designed and operates a number of totally cool adventure packages. Nepal Mountain Biking is one of them. We termed our adventures Mountain Biking Treks(MTBT) or Mountain Biking Trekking (MTB-Trekking), where MTB means a serious mountain bike and Trekking means a serious trekking. Please let us explain our concept:

Ultra light Aircraft in Nepal

Duration: 01 Days Grade: Easy

ltra-Light aircraft operate from Pokhara and offer spectacular views of the lakes, mountains and villages located in a unique blend of both mountains, deepest valley in the world and plateau area featuring two 8000m giants Annapurna and Dhalagiri.

Paragliding in Nepal

Duration: 01 Days Best Season: During the Year

Nepal is one of the world’s best paragliding locations. There is always a reliable updraft to take you soaring for hours, there are spectacular mountains with villages and monasteries perched on the hill tops, enchanting deep valleys, river gorges and lakes

Bungy Jumping in Nepal

Duration: 01 Days Grade: Strenuous

Why bungy jumping? There is no good reason for it. It is another thrill. It is scary and exciting. It is usually done in beautiful mountainous scenery. So why not?It has arrived to Nepal and there is an absolutely beautiful setup in Last Resort on the bridge over a stunning gorge near the border with Tibet. Naturally it was designed by New Zealand bungy jumping consultants and it is claimed to be mishap-proof. Let’s hope so, as the operating agency takes the operation and the safety very seriously.

Rock Climbing Adventure in Nepal

Rock climbing of local crag type is a tertiary adventure activity in Nepal. There is no rock climbing culture similar to Europe, US or Australia, where lots of young climbers hang around local crags, however there are more and more passionate rock climbers and few areas are being developed especially in Kathmandu and Pokhara area

Helicopter Rescue in Nepal

Duration: 01 Days Best Season: During the Year

Many helicopter companies can provide evacuation by Helicopter for severely injured or ill people. However, someone in Kathmandu must guarantee the payment of the flight before the rescue.

ZipFlyer Adventure in Pokhara Nepal

Duration: 01 Days Grade: Easy

Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition is always looking for new events, sports and adventure games for our clients to enjoy, experience and practice in Nepal. There are several adventure sports and games in Nepal.

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