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Bardiya National Park

Bardia National Park is the largest park in the lowland Terai, covering an area of 968 sq. km. The park was established to protect the ecosystems and conserve tiger and its prey species. What makes a visit to Nepal's Bardia National Park particularly special is not just its large and intact habitat area and its isolated location, but also the presence of one of the last known herds of wild Elephants in South Asia.

Bardia also boasts of the greatest number of deer species in Nepal. The six deer species found in the park are: Chital or spotted Deer with its ubiquitous white spots on a brown coat; Hog Deer; similar to but smaller than Chital; Sambhar, the largest Deer on Indian subcontinent with a shaggy coat and thick antlers; Swamp Deer; Barasingha; and reddish-colored Barking Deer, the park's smallest Deer.

Other large mammals are: Gaur, the largest wild oxen in world; wild Boar, an omnivorous black-coated creature with large tusks; the agile sloth Bear, a shaggy black bear with a distinctive white "V" on its chest; Blue Bull or Nilgai, the largest Antelope on the Indian subcontinent; and Himalayan Tahr. Serow and Goral, two goat-Antelope members, are also found. Small mammals include: Langur monkey, Rhesus Macaque, and jackal, three species of cats (jungle, leopard, and fishing); yellow-throated Marten; Mongoose; and Indian Otter. Two species of crocodiles swim in the Karnali, Girwa, and Babai Rivers - the blunt-snouted Marsh Mugger and the fish-eating gharial with its long thin snout. These creatures share the water with the fresh-water Gangetic Dolphin. The Karnali also supports the great mahseer, which weigh up to 90 lbs, an angler's prize catch. Birds are the park's most conspicuous fauna with over 300 resident and migratory species. Avid bird-watchers can visit the park in November or from February to April when migrants arrive, depart or pass through.

When to visit Bardiya National Park?

The best time to visit Bardiya National Park is from October through March, when the temperature averages 25 degrees Celsius. The months of March, April and June can be extremely hot, while July - September is the monsoon season when river swell and part of the park become inaccessible.

How to get Bardiya National Park?

BY overland: Bardia National Park can be reached by direct bus departing every after-noon from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan National Park. While you reach Ambassa, the turn off for the Park, at approx. 03 to 06 is. Ambassa is 13 km from the Bardia National Park. So, our camp staffs are waiting for you on the Ambassa for pick up you as bus schedule arrival. If you travel by private vehicles the vehicles direct drop you in our Camp.

By Flight: Flights are available daily from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. You are going to fly as you desire time and flight schedule which takes about one hour. Although the jeep transfer from the airport to the National Park is about 3 hours.

By raft: One of the most exciting ways to travel to the park is to raft down the Bheri River. After Three days you can float down the river experiencing its numerous rapid and seeing a variety of village life, flora and fauna along its banks.

What to Bring with Us?

Binoculars, Flashlight, Insect repellent, A jacket or sweater from November through February. Summer clothes are recommended with sunglasses and hats from April onwards. Pants should be worn during elephant rides. Bright colors such as red and white should be avoided since those colors have been known to upset the rhinos. Comfortable walking shoes are essential. Please carry only the bare necessities but not jewellery and valuable items. During the warmer months swimming suits are recommended.

Two Nights Three Days Package

Duration: 03 Days Grade: Easy Tour

Bardia national Park is situated in western Terai of Nepal which is one of largest undisturbed parks in the region. The park is the home of many endangered animals, reptiles and birds - including the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Over the years This Bardia National Park has been a good place for tiger viewing.

Three Nights Four Days Package

Duration: 03 Days Grade: Easy Tour

We offer and operate 3night 4days Bardia national package tour for those visitors who have applicable time and want to enjoy with wildlife safari on tranquility place. We fully try to attempt more activities and take a benefit with short time for our visitors. We fully try to make unforgettable and enjoyable with our any hesitation. We wouldn’t give single chance to criticize in our outstanding preference regarding holidays.

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