The fixed departure trip to International Cho-Oyu Expedition Spring 2013 has been successfully concluded through Snowy Horizon Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd. There have been eleven members of different Nationals in the Cho-Oyu Expedition Team. 4 Spanish, 2 Swedish, 2 British, 2 Georgian and 1 Israeli were involved in Snowy Horizon Cho-Oyu International Expedition project which began on 11th April and ended on end of May. In the team 9 Nepalese supporters were also involved.

Due to unforeseen weather condition and insufficient participants from different agencies, this seasons’ Cho-Oyu Expedition (8201m) was not ended with success to be attempted the summit.  However all our service related activities such as: permits, support staffs, logistics, transportation, meals, accommodations, equipments etc. have been arranged properly and the expedition team had returned their home safely by all means after their hard attempt on Cho-Oyu Himalaya peak.