Mr. Stephan Bjorn Rink from Germany had led the Team of Satori Ama Dablam Expedition Spring-2013 during 15th April till 20th May 2013 as a team leader organized by Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition. The team was of fifteen people from different international community.

As per the record of Tourism Industry Division, only two permits for Ama Dablam Expedition in spring 2013 had been issued. Due to small size of expedition team and supporters as well as unforeseen weather condition no one of the climbers could successfully summit of this technical Mt. Ama Dablam (6812m) Himalaya in this season.
However, Showy Horizon had successfully managed all logistics, Sherpa, cook and Base camp services as per required with expected hygienic and safety meal. All participant, 15 members and 13 staffs, had returned to Kathmandu on time without any suffering and maintained the standard of Snowy Horizon Management.