Congratulation to Mr. Sudarsan Gautam, Canadian Nepali, to become the first double amputee to climb the world’s highest mountain!!!

Miss Olga Jadwiga Nabialek from Poland had led the Team of Snowy Everest Expedition South Face Spring-2013 during 2nd April till 6th June 2013 as a team leader. The Snowy Everest Expedition team was of eight people from different international community and Mr. Sudarsan Gautam double amputee was also one of them. The Team except Mr. Sudarsan had first attempt to the summit on 16th May and due to unforeseen weather condition, they had to return back after approaching to the height of about 8500m from the balcony of Mt. Everest.

Then, Mr. Gautam with his supporter Sherpas had attempt on 20th May 2013 early morning and   reached to the top of Mt. Everest (8848m) at 9:00 am on Monday. Gautam, aged 30, had lost both his hands at the age of 14 in an accident. He was on a mission to spread the message that “disability is not inability.”
The Snowy Horizon had successfully concluded the whole project of Mt. Everest Expedition Spring 2013 comfortably; however the rate of success could not be reached higher due to unexpected weather condition at the time of attempting. We are still proud that we could keep our words for “Safety and Security is our prime Concern”.