The renowned Mountain Expedition operator M/S Snowy Horizon Treks & Expedition in Nepal has recently arranged the Team Building Picnic in Bhote Koshi River Beach about 70 kilometer away from  Kathmandu. Most of the Expedition and Climbing Sherpa, Surdars, expedition and trekking cooks, trekking guides, helpers, office management staffs and the High level managements and all owners and directors have taken part in the 1 Night 2 Days team building event on 26th and 27th February 2016 in a press statement says the company.  

The celebration has began with some briefing and coaching by the Chairman of the company to all participants in the tented camp seminar hall and offered a cocktail party together to all staffs and the company owners at the Bhote Koshi river beach. Full tented camp accommodation with meal and bar has been perfectly arranged and all participant who had worked with Snowy Horizon and working further spent a night in the beach also together says the statement.

Mr. Chairman Bodha Raj Bhandari has further added that his company has arranged this kind of event for the first time in the company history and aims to continue in every year onwards even with better arrangements. It has proved that the event had been a great success and motivation to all staffs and the management to work for better tourism and also for sustainable tourism in Nepal.

The whole team participated in the Team Building Event organized and hosted by Snowy Horizon had shown the unity and happiness toward the Snowy Horizon management and company itself which has been proven by their happiness and active participation in the event. And thus the company wanted to convey its gratitude and vote of thanks to all participant staffs says the press statement released on the afternoon on 28th February 2016.

At the end of the statement signed by the company Chairman; it is said that the company will offer Letter of Appreciations, success certifications, and the several awards for the working staffs measuring their performances within the year 2016 in the field of operations of expeditions, climbing and trekking areas and thus suggested to all to be honest, devoted and hard working on their own field which will be beneficial for themselves in the days to come.