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Chitwan Hotel inside the National Park

‘Inside the National park’ means that’ the place in Chitwan where government announces the area conservation category and covered with protected area list’. Those places are covered and portected by National Polices and Army security. Nepal Government charges and issues permit for entry to those places due to security reason and records. This area is the protected region for wildlife and flora and fauna. Chitwan national park is one of the world heritage sites among 812 listed by UNESCO.In those region government charges high royalty for this hotel which is built inside park .For this reason the price for inside national park is going to higher for tourist. Chitwan is the best place to visit at once. The Royal Chitwan National Park, established in 1973, provides a great wildlife experience with its rich flora and fauna. The flora and fauna of Chitwan makes it a great place for nature lovers. Chitwan has over 50 different species of mammals, 400 different species of birds, and 65 different types of butterflies in its hardwood Sal forests, riverine vegetation, and "elephant grass" savannah. More than 70 different species of grass grow here. The most famous wildlife in Chitwan is perhaps the single-horned Asian rhinoceros. A few decades ago, their number had fallen to less than 100, but recent count puts them at 400. These animals have thick armor like hide that is hard to penetrate even with a bullet. Chitwan is only 150m above the sea level. The place gets steamy from March-June, with peak temperatures reaching 43°C in the shade. Short grass makes Feb-May the best game-viewing season, but the autumn months are gorgeous, with Himalayan views. Chitwan has about 150 Bengal tigers left of the onetime 3000

If you are staying in one of the luxury hotels inside the park itself, they provide you with excellent western meals. Except for the drinks and tips, the meals are normally included in your price. The lodges and restaurants provide the facilities to tourist’s required in the modern world. So the cost is also little higher as compare outside the park.

Tiger tops jungle lodge

Tiger TopsEstablished in the early 60s in the lush sub-tropical jungles of the Terai of Nepal for wildlife enthusiasts, Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge is the pioneer wildlife safari lodge of Nepal and Asia . Tiger Tops is located in the heart of Nepal ’s premier Chitwan National Park ; a world heritage site and provides sensible comfort and skilled staff to ensure the finest wildlife safaris in Asia today . Chitwan is one of Asia ’s richest and most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries and in 2003 iExplore, rated this park as one of the best “Wildlife Safari Destinations of the World”.

Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge (TTJL), in common with the entire Tiger Mountain Group, practices environmentally responsible and sustainable conservation tourism. Our lodges and camps are used as models throughout Asia . Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge’s famous tree houses and bungalows are built with sustainable natural materials. The lodge has twenty guest rooms with double, single and triple bed options available. Each room has solar powered reading lamps, ceiling fans, attached modern bathrooms equipped with solar-heated showers. The Lodge’s photovoltaic solar power plant is the largest in Nepal .

A feature of the lodge is the circular Dining Hall and Bar called a Gol Ghar with its huge domed roof and central open hearth; a special place to relax with friends and discuss the day’s adventures and wildlife seen. The lodge has a reputed kitchen that serves a range of western and Nepali cuisine utilizing fresh organic food supplies, some from Tiger Mountain Organic Farms – the company’s organic demonstration and development farms are located just outside the park at Meghauli and adjacent toTiger Tops Tharu Lodge.

All meals, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and light snacks are included in the rate. Special menus are available for children, those with special dietary needs and the kitchen can also supply a range of Japanese dishes on request. The fully stocked bar will provide international cocktails and a range of special local ones such as the renowned Tiger Tops Special. A selection of wines is also available. Each evening a range of complimentary snacks and nibbles are provided to go with evening drinks before dinner. The bar remains open until the last guest retires.


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Temple tiger lodge

Temple Tiger Jungle LodgeTemple Tiger Jungle Lodges and Wildlife Camps one of the finest in Asia, is situated in the heart of Royal Chitwan National Park on the far western side and has the enviable distinction of being the best located property inside the National Park. This is proven by the record sightings of the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned Rhinoceros, crocodile and Gharial. Our territory of this fantastic reserve appeals to wildlife enthusiasts as well as visiting Ornithologists who consider our area a paradise for bird watching as both resident and migratory birds visit here in abundance.

Temple Tiger is the only Lodge inside the National Park of Chitwan, from where you can witness the natural game of prey and predator, from the hanging platform itself. This viewing deck, constructed above a huge man-made swamp provides a fantastic display of animals visiting the swamp or on the land.

Besides the view from your balcony, we also arrange jungle safaris on elephant back or by land rover. Nature walks accompanied by well-trained naturalists are very popular among nature lovers. Canoeing on the Narayani River provides an opportunity to watch gharial, dolphins and crocodiles from close quarters.


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Island Jungle Resort

Island Jungle ResortChitwan National Park is situated 90 kilometres Southwest of Kathmandu. Widely acknowledged as one of the best national park in Asia covering a pristine area of 932 sq. km, it is the first national park of the country. Established in 1973 to preserve a unique ecosystem of significant value to the entire world, the park is situated in the sub-tropical inner ‘Terai lowlands of South-central Nepal.

In the northwest section of the park is an island known as the Bandarjhola, which is surrounded by the Narayani River. This unique island consists of riverine forest, tall grassland, marshland, numerous inlets and oxbow lakes. Such a diverse combination of nature found only on this island provides a perfect habitat for wildlife. It is here that Island Jungle Resort is located, offering you the opportunities to experience the exciting life of the jungle.

Besides providing various forms of lodging and recreational facilities, Island Jungle Resort is one of Chitwan’s premiere accommodations that offer its visitors an opportunity to view wildlife in probably the best natural habitat in the park.

In the exclusive remoteness of the "Isle of Eden" of the Chitwan National Park, Bandarjhola, the visitors have ample opportunities to see a wide variety of big games and avifaunal species. Inside Bandarjhola, you will experience wildlife at its best, as the topography of riverine forests interspersed with large tracts of grassland together with plenty of water within proximity makes it a perfect setting for wildlife to thrive. And to view the flora and fauna of this superb location, we have a variety of programs that include elephant safaris, boat rides and jungle walks escorted by our expert naturalists, guides and mahouts.


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Machan Wildlife Resort

Machan Wildlife ResortMachan Paradise View is a vibrant jungle safari resort set on the lush banks of the Rapti River overlooking the Royal Chitwan National Park in the Jagatpur area of Southern Nepal. Paradise View lives up to its name and provides a spectacular view of the sweeping river and the surrounding tropical wilderness. Set against the raw wilderness, Machan Paradise View provides all the creature comforts and services of that the modern world. In mixing the beauty of nature with the sophistication of culture, we at Machan Paradise View intend to make your stay a paradise.

Machan Paradise View is a wholly owned subsidiary of the renowned Machan Wildlife Resort. Machan Wildlife Resort is arguably one of the best destinations for eco-tourists and those seeking an enthralling jungle experience. Established in 1987, Machan has always set the standard for jungle lodging and is the premiere jungle resort in Nepal. For the past two decades Machan has worked towards providing an ecologically sensitive yet naturally immersive jungle experience encapsulated within a culturally sophisticated and service oriented atmosphere.

Machan has a simple philosophy: wilderness in style. Our objective is to ensure our guests are given the best possible wildlife experience through an authentic and stylistic approach that sets us apart from our competition. At Machan we have woven the warmth and trust present in our local community into the Machan experience. A stay at Machan is not just an experience of the wild; it’s equally and experience of the warm glow of friendship and kinship present in the wilderness.


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Gaida wildlife camp

GaindaEstablished in 1976 Gaida Wildlife Camp is listed in the world heritage sites of UNSCO. It is one of the best managed jungle safari resorts inside Chitwan National Park. With over 32 years of experience, we have had visitors from all over the world. We have been hosts to many celebrities, VIPs and dignitaries from many countries.


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