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Nepal is small country of striking natural beauty sandwiched between the two rising world power houses, China and India.After many years of rebellion, the country returned to its natural state of peace and the nation is implementing legal system with a mix of enthusiasm and hope with some trepidation of unknown for the people of Nepal.


There are very few lands on earth which have captured man’s imagination for its mystical aura then Tibet. This hidden kingdom, the "roof of the world", the vast expense of land is stunning and offers fantastic mountain vistas, plateaus, lakes, people, and culture belonging to a lost world, which stopped in bygone era. Nomads have not changed much for last one hundred years ago and still subsist from their yak herds. The Tibetan people and their religion are inseparable.


Wearing a veil for centuries in the misty serenity of the great Himalayas, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, or Bhutan, as now known to the rest of the world, developed its own distinct civilization. This deeply spiritual land is home to a unique identity, derived essentially from a fertile religious and cultural heritage.

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The most colorful land on the earth, India, is unique in itself. It is rich in exotic land of chivalry, color, valiance, invincible forts, palaces, sand dunes, snow clad peaks, serene lakes, rivers, vibrant beaches, backwaters and many more. Moreover, India represents diversity in people; culture, costumes, music and dances.

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