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River Rafting

Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition (P) Ltd offers the white water rafting adventures in Nepal in different areas and ranges. The Rafting in Nepal are mostly operated by young and energetic team of Nepalese rafting professionals since long. Our operations of Nepal River Rafting focus on fun and adventure with paramount emphasis on safety and high quality of services.The sources for mighty Nepalese rivers are melting snow and Himalayan glaciers which are meandering and cutting through Himalayan ranges, forming breathtaking, towering canyons toward Tarai Region of Nepal then floating toward India to be mixed in Huge Indian River the Ganga. White water rafting is an exciting adventure and can range from family level to extreme. Rafting in Nepal is mainly operated on mighty Himalayan Rivers like Bhote Koshi, Trishuli, Kali Gandaki, Karnali, Marshyangdi, Sun Koshi, Tamur, Seti etc. Nepal offers variety of rafting levels and durations for the adventure and it is a total paradise for rafting enthusiasts recognized as one of the best world's rafting destinations.

Nepal River rafting adds extra dimension to rafting in pristine environment with spectacular gorges carved by the rivers through Himalayan ranges and peaks towering over 1000m above. The Rivers are with accessibility to rafting in wilderness is unprecedented, the Himalayan scenery is unique, the people of Nepal are welcoming and cultures encountered along the way are colorful, friendly and interesting to visitors. River Rafting is a most enjoyable and a very effective way to experience natural beauty of Himalayas and not accessible sites through motorable, walking and perspectives from the trail.

Rivers are Nepal’s natural resource and their importance for nation and communities is boundless and it is paramount for our communities to understand and respect the Rivers. Rafting is an extremely beneficial activity for community development from improving local economy to caring for the environment as economic benefit.

Snowy Horizon Team is active on numbers of leading activities in our society. While we run business we are very aware and mindful of our social responsibilities, constantly upgrading our programs to include local products, creating employment opportunities for local people and promote, respect and build understanding for local cultural practices. Hence, we get support, participation, and faith from the locals where we operate our River rafting activities in any area it is possible.

Bheri River Rafting

Duration: 05 Days Best Season: Spring & Autumn

he Bheri River flows from Dolpo district. Its two tributaries the Thuli and Sani join at Ramnaghat to form the main Bheri River. To reach Bheri river trip you have options between taking a one-and-a-half-hour flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu or a 627 km long journey by road or you can travel by bus which takes about 20 hours.

Kaligandaki River

Duration: 03 Days Grade: 4+

Kaligandaki is the one of the holy rivers of Nepal. It is named after Kali, the goddess of destruction and it originates in Mustang district. Your adventure is set against the backdrop of the Annapurna range with Dhaulagiri and Annapurna emerging in and out of view. The river carves the deepest gorge in the world between the two 8000m peaks Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

Bhote Koshi River Rafting

Duration: 02 Days Grade: 4+

Bhote" is translated as "river from Tibet”. This Bhote kosi is the main branch of the sun Koshi and it has been descended by kayak from near the Tibetan border at Kodari. The rafting site is located only three hours from Kathmandu. The Bhote Kosi is known as the River from Tibet and you can start a trip after a peak over the border into Tibet. It has the majestic view of himalayas as well as Spectacular scenery.

Karnali River Rafting

Duration: 10 Days Grade: 4+

Karnali River is the longest river in Nepal. The river source lies high in Tibet near holy Mount Kailash and then descends from high Himalayan snowfields through a series of spectacular gorges and emerges onto the Terai flowing through Royal Bardia Wildlife Park. It is located in far western region of Nepal. The far west of Nepal is one of the most remote and least explored areas of the Himalayas and has only recently been opened to foreigners.

Marshyangdi River

Duration: 05 Days Grade: 4+

The Marshyangdi river is orieginated from the Annapurna Himal. The Marsyangdi is the mother of all rivers. It means fagging. It flows east through an arid valley around Manang, and then swings south to join the Trishuli river at Mungling. One of the most outstanding class-5 rafting and kayaking river in the world. It is used to say that Marshyangdi is the raging river in Nepal and describes one of the best whitewater runs in the world.

Trishuli River Rafting

Duration: 01-03 Days Grade: 4+

This river is the most easily accessible river in Nepal. It provides plenty of white water excitement, spectacular scenery of nature and landscape. Fishling, Adamghat and Charaudi is focal point for rafting. Rafting trips on this river can be made for a varied durations, depending upon the availability of time and interest. You can either drive back to Kathmandu, Chitwan (Royal Chitwan National Park) or Pokhara after your rafting journey is over.

Seti River Rafting

Duration: 02 Days Grade: 02+

Nepal is home to eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world. So many white rivers are originated from such mountains. All this makes a wealth of unlimited opportunities for Great River rafting, kayaking, Nepal has something to offer to everyone. 

SunKoshi River

Duration: 10 Days Grade: 4+

The river rises near Tibet and is joined by the Bhoti Kosi just downstream from Barbesi the Sunkoshi River ‘the river of gold’ might be named after gold found from the gravel of river while panning. Alternatively, it refers to the orange color of the water when it gets thick with alluvial slit during monsoon. 

Arun River Rafting

Duration: 07 Days Grade: 4+

The Arun is respected as one of the most mighty and powerful rivers of Nepal.The lower valley is in parts quite well populated with a wide variety of different tribes. The whole area is relatively un-spoilt, and sees only a few trekking groups, mainly taking the Eastern approach to Everest and Makalu Base Camp.

Tamur River Rafting

Duration: 05 Days Grade: 4+

The Tamur and its tributaries drain the snows of Kanchenjunga third highest peak in the world. The river is the sixth largest river in Nepal and seems to have a feeling of thrusting power and of being constrained by its valley sides.

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