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Package tour in Nepal

Nepal Tour Packages are designed by Snowy Horizon for the experiences of the best destinations in the world for culture, nature and adventure. We offer the tours for you to discover the world of age-old temples, UNESCO world heritage sites, modest diversity of cultures and livelihood, colorful faunas and floras in the villages of mountains, meet with the friendly local people, watch ethnic cultural dances, tours for sunrise and sunset view from the hill tops and mountains including many more touristic activities in the Nepal Tour Packages.

In the Package tours of Nepal we also include trek on stone paths threading pristine mountains and hidden valleys, float on river raft in the white water,  through deep forest ride on elephant’s back in safari tour. The country’s stunning landscapes at the backdrop of soaring Himalayan Mountains, sacred pilgrimage sites which have ever been the center of attraction for pilgrims are also covered in the packages of Nepal Tour with Snowy Horizon. 

In our Package Tours of Nepal our agency representative in airport will transfer you to pre-booked hotel for overnight stay upon your arrival in Kathmandu, the modern capital city. The next day morning your tour package begins covering the sites and activities of Nature, culture and adventure as per the customized itinerary. The Tour Package mainly begins offering the main sites of UNESCO world heritage such as Pashupatinath temple, Bouddhanath stupa, Swoyambhunath hilly stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square and the medieval cities of Patan and Bhaktapur cities. You will encounter with colorful bazaars (markets), squares, temples, Sadhus and smiling gentle people while on tour. 

All our touring itineraries and packages vary as per the interest, timeframe and budget of the visitors. We are completely flexible to design the Nepal Tour Packages after you just provide your duration and dates of Nepal arrival and departure. We will be immediately getting back to you with the customized and personally designed itinerary with classified budget of itinerary and Tour Packages for Nepal.

Kathmandu Valley Tour

Duration: 04 Days

The history of the city of Kathmandu, which is inseparable from that of the Kathmandu valley, dates back to ancient times. Archaeological explorations indicate that Kathamandu and the two other sister towns in the valley were the oldest towns and are traced to the period between 167 B.C. and 1 A.D. Excavations conducted at Hadigaon and Lubhu in southern part of the valley, in Kathmandu, have unearthed brick walls and stone age tools. The Buddha was also born in 563 B.C in the Kapilvastu District of Nepal near the Indian border.

Family tour in Nepal

Duration: 12 Days

Are you ready to explore something different with your family? 

Will you prefer to experience exotic adventure holidays with your family? 

Do you not willing to have safe and wonderful destinations for your family tour?

Honey Hunting Tour

Duration: 07 Days

Nepal is a Himalayan country, stiff between the giant of India and Tibet, an autonomous region of China. Its natural features subjugated by the Himalayas - eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world.

Chitwan Pokhara Tour

Duration: 09 Days Best Season: Autumn( Sep-Dec) & Spring( Feb-May)

Nepal is of all the world's remaining jungle, one of the most enchanting is Chitiwan national park" A World Heritage Site" in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. This National park established in 1973 in the south parts of center Nepal. In Chitwan, you will discover a lots World of towering trees, twisting vines, of Per-historical Rhino and lumbering Elephant, of crocodile, Pythons and deer of brilliantly colored birds and tiger.

Nepal Honeymoon Tour

Duration: 09 Days Best Season: Autumn( Sep-Dec) & Spring( Feb-May)

One of the most pleasurable parts about getting married is the planning that you could have the benefit of the honeymoon trip of a lifetime. Moreover, if you have not even tapering it down to a country, much less an island or resorts, or an exotic destination, do not worry-many honeymoon couples are in the same boat.

All Nepal Tour

Duration: 12 Days Grade: Easy

All Nepal Tours means the Tour in Nepal with all popular touristic destinations and activities within your single holiday program. We have the itinerary of combination of almost all major attractions of Nature, culture and adventure of Nepal the home to Mount Everest which is dominated by the world's most imposing mountains. Although the country is relatively small (147,181 square kilometers), 80 percent of its territory is occupied by the dramatic peaks of the Himalayas.

Traditional Wedding in Nepal

Wedding customs in Nepal vary according to ethnic groups and castes. Especially country like Nepal, have different kinds of wedding ceremonies because we have varieties of cast and creeds

Manakamana Holy Tour

Duration: 01 Days Grade: Easy

The holiest Manakamana temple can be reached by cable car transportation. The Manakamana temple overlooks terraced fields, and the Trishuli and Marsyangdi river valleys. The hilltop (1302m) also offers a vantage point for taking in the breathing view of the Manashlu-Himanchuli and Annapurna massifs to the north.

Muktinath Darshan Yatra

Duration: 06 Days Grade: Easy Trek

Muktinath temple is famous temple of Lord Vishnu lies in the district of Mustang and is situated about 18 kms northeast of Jomsom in the north central part of Nepal, at an altitude of about 3750 meters. Named after highly referred Muktinath shrine the valley is one of religious place in Nepal for both Hindus and Buddhist.

Nepal Educational Tour

Duration: 13 Days Grade: Easy

A trip to Nepal is a rewarding and educational experience for students. Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition innovatively created this Nepal Educational Tour curriculum for the sake of the students of various countries.

Best of Nepal Tour

Duration: 09 Days Grade: Easy

The combination of Serious Biking and serious trekking is Nepal Mountain Biking. We love climbing, mountaineering and trekking, rafting and kayaking, mountain biking and just about any outdoor adventure. We also like variety and dynamism of the adventure. So we want to take you on selected trekking trails on the Mountain Biking (MTB) to make the adventure, dynamic, technical, exciting, fast and flexible. 

Nepal Festival Tour

Nepal is one of the major attractions of Festivals and Events round the year. It is said that Nepal has more festivals than the days in the year. A festival is always a meaningful and memorable event in the life of Nepalese people. Every festival has some purpose to serve. From bringing in the rain to honoring the dead or averting calamities, every festival has something spiritual meanings and importance.

Tour Guide in Nepal

Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition is established by highly experienced and qualified tourism entrepreneurs. The main objective of this company is to dedicate the time and energy of such entrepreneurs to promote Nepal’s tourism destinations and provide travelling facilities for tourists from the glove.

Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet Tour

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan are adventure destinations to ancient Himalayan kingdoms linked together by nature, Buddhist tradition and cultural diversity. Each one is a journey on its own but when combined together the journey is a life changing experience both in physical and spiritual dimensions.

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