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Trekking Peak Climbing

Peak climbing expedition is usually both technically and physically very challenging activity. Nepal with 1310 identified Himalayan peaks over 6000m including 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world is unquestionably a premiermountaineering and climbing destination for thousands of climbers and mountaineers testing their skills and endurance and fulfilling their desire to summit a Himalayan peak and marvel the world from its rooftop. Currently there are 326 peaks open for climbing and mountaineering in Nepa.

Peak climbing expedition is usually both technically and physically very challenging activity. It requires considerable climbing skills and in Nepal usually is done on sub-eight thousand meters high mountains, where acclimatization is easier and more effort can be devoted to climbing skill rather then shier brute force to combat altitude.

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has been given the authority by the Mountaineering Section of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) of issuing peak climbing permits.

Our objective is to serve the climbing community with helpful information, advise and practical services. On our website you will find wealth of information to help you to understand and decide on your climbing adventure. The biggest and loudest is not always the coolest. We have put lots of work to make our website useful to climbers, adventurers as well as any traveller to decide, what is cool. Now it is up to you and we will be delighted if you find cool climbing adventure just because you have visited our website. Please let us know what you think and how can we improve. These pages were created in collaboration with people who live in the country and people who were exploring it, so there are different angles on different aspects and not just a sterile lonely opinion.

Peak climbing requires several considerations before one can embark on actual climbing activity. There are various rules and restrictions imposed by the government regulating peak climbing activities due to economic, safety, environmental and cultural concerns. Mountains are part of natural resource and most countries, even those wealthy with mineral resources derive fees and income from permits to climb special mountains like Denali in the USA or Aconcagua in Argentina. For Nepalese government fees are an important part of export income.

Snowy Horizon Treks & Expedition provides range of support services to climbers guiding you through procedures, ensuring that you get the best value for money and that you succeed in your objective. Knowing where to go, when to go, with whom to go and what to take with you is half the battle. Naturally it is much easier second time but it is much better to do it right first time, it is cheaper, safer and more enjoyable. We would like to help you to adventure further with your dollar.

Island Peak Climbing 6,160m (20,196ft)

Duration: 19 Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD+)

Sir. Edmund Hilary and Mr. Tenjin Norge Sherpa, the Everest Base Camp with the popular trekking peak climbing of "Imja Tse" the Island Peak in the same route; Snowy Horizon is now everywhere in this world.Just purchase returning ticket online through your favorite airlines and contact our corresponding consultant through web mail,

Mera Peak Climbing (6,654m/ 21,840ft)

Duration: 18 Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD)

Mera Peak is not that far from your home town. Though it lays some thousands or hundreds of kilometers away from your home, it doesn't take time to reach and approach the stunning Mera Peak Summit (6654m). Snowy Horizon is now worldwide to catch you and enclose you in the mountaineering team.

Lobuche East Peak Climbing 6,119m (20,062ft)

Duration: 17 days (typically) Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD+)

The climbing route of Lobuche East Peak with Snowy Horizon management is from Village of Lobuche via South Shoulder and South Ridge. Both Lobuche Peaks are aesthetically stunning and very similar in geometry, each forming three ridged pyramid. They dominate the view from the Everest Base Camp trek while approaching Lobuche village

Chulu East Peak Climbing (6584m/21,601ft)

Duration: 24 days (typically) Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD+)

Chulu Peak (6564m) located north of Annapurna massif presents a very attractive peak climbing objective for trekkers doing Annapurna Circuit either full version or half version to Manang. It can be an exciting extension to trekking and an accessible introduction to snow climbing experience for climbers with a degree of technical ability converting the trek in to a safe but exciting climbing adventure.

Chulu West Peak Climbing (6,419m/21,054ft)

Duration: 22 (typically) Days Grade: Peru difficult (PD++)

Chulu West Peak Climbing with the height of 6419m is one of the most challenging peak climbing adventure with real and serious experience in Nepal for below 6500er. Due to the technical nature The Chulu West Peak Climbing requires sufficient previous climbing experiences. The climbers needs to have working knowledge of using basic climbing gear such as crampons on snow and ice,

Pisang Peak Climbing (6091m/19,970ft)

Duration: 15 days (typically) Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD-)

Pisang Peak with the altitude of 6092m is one of easier trekking peaks in Nepal. The Pisang Peak Climbing is a great climbing objective for trekkers doing Annapurna Circuit either full version or half version to Manang. Pisang Peak Climbing can be an exciting extension to trekking and an accessible introduction to snow climbing experience converting the trek in to a safe but exciting climbing adventure.

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing (5,844m/19,160ft)

Duration: 16 days (typically) Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD)

Naya Kanga Peak (5844m) situated in the southern flank of Langtang and towering over the South of alpine Langtang valley and holy lakes of Gosaikund is one the most interesting climbing peak in Nepal. It is a safe mountain to climb with many possibilities of a classic alpine attempt along one of its awesome ridge systems providing superb climbing and spectacular scenery from the summit with vistas on interesting peaks of Langtang range Lantang Lirung (7246m), Lenpo Gang 7083m),

Island Peak climb including EBC(6,160m/20,196ft)

Duration: 22 days (typically) Days Grade: Alpine Climb (PD+)

Snowy Horizon Treks operates 22 Days Everest Base camp trek With Island Peak climbing autumn & spring with Special discount rates. For your betterment, we include map, Climbing route, cost and Royalty information. Everest base camp trek and Island Peak Climbing is arguably the most famous and real adventure trekking route in the world.

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing (6,501m/21,316ft)

Duration: 23 (typically) Days Grade: Assez Difficult/Fairly Hard (AD)

Singu Chuli (6,501m) was formerly known as the 'Flute Peak'. The first ascent of this peak was made by Wilf Noyce and David Cox on its North–East Face and the top section of the East Ridge. This peak is situated in the Annapurna Sanctuary adjoined to Tharpu Chuli and across Hiunchuli peaks. For this peak we walk up the Modi Khola gorge to the Annapurna Sanctuary.

Tharpu Chuli (Tent) Peak Climbing (5,663m/18,563ft)

Duration: 19 (typically) Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD)

Tharpu Chuli Peak (5663m) or Tent Peak located in the heart of Annapurna Range within the surrounding of Annapurna Sanctuary is an attractive mountain to climb from both a visual and climbing aesthetics. It is a part of the ridge line extending south from Glacier Dome and sharing it with another attractive peak Singu Chuli or Fluted Peak.

Hiunchuli Peak Climbing (6,441m/21,118ft)

Duration: 21 (typically) Days Grade: Assez Difficult/Fairly Hard AD+)

Hiunchuli Peak (6,441m) together with Annapurna South form a massive south-facing wall. Hiunchuli has large South Shoulder extending along the Modi Khola River Valley and 3 ridges radiating from the summit towards West, Northeast and South. From the technical climbing aspect it is considered as one of the easiest peaks for an expedition climb,

Yala Peak Climbing (5,732m / 18,790ft)

Duration: 14 (typically) Days Grade: Easy Climb (PD)

Yala Peak climbing (5637m) is one of easier trekking peak in Nepal for climbing adventure. Yala peak climbing is suitable to those who wish to stand on a Himalayan summit with the less time consumption. The trip of Yala peak climbing offers the best thrill of adventure peak climbing in Langtang Region beyond simply hiking.

Paldor Peak Climbing (5,896m/19,331ft)

Duration: 19 (typically) Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD+)

Paldor Peak (5844m) is located in the range between Ganesh Himal and Langtang. It was first climbed by Bill Tilman, Peter Lloyd, Tenzing Sherpa and Da Namgyal in 1949 by Northeast Ridge. Paldor climb is a total alpine adventure with a pleasant and quick access trail passing through Thamang villages. Paldor has 4 climbable ridges: Northeast, Southeast, West and Southwest.

Rock wall at Kusum Kangaro below summit

Kusum Kanguru peak climbing (6,367m/ 20,889ft)

Duration: 18 (typically) Days Grade: Assez Difficult/Fairly Hard AD+)

6367m tall Kusum Kanguru peak dominates the southern end of dramatic Kyashar Himal six thousands range of peaks, with Kyashar 6770m, Kangtega 6685m, and Thamserku 6608m. Kusum Kanguru meaning literally in Tibetan ‘Three Snow Peaks’ consists of three summits East Summit Kusum Kanguru 6358m, Main Summit Kusum Kanguru 6367m and much smaller West Kusum Kanguru Summit 5579m.

Kongde Peak Climbing (6,011m/19721ft)

Duration: 15 (Typically) Days Grade: Assez Difficult/Fairly Hard AD)

The Peak Kongde with the height of (6011m) is also known as Kongde Ri. This peak is introduced as a technical and difficult climbing peak in Nepal. This Peak stands above the Bhote Koshi River on the eastern end of the Lumdung Himal a part of the Rolwaling Himal massif. The Nepali climber team led by Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah had reached in the summit of this Peak in 1975 that were the first summiteers.

Gandarva Chuli Summit photo

Gandarva Chuli Peak Climbing (6248m/20,499ft)

Duration: 28 Days Grade: Assez Difficult/Fairly Hard AD++)

Gandharva Chuli (Gandarbha Chuli, formerly Gabelhorn) is a 6248 meters peak situated in the Annapurna Sanctuary (Annapurna Himal) on the ridge linking Annapurna III (7555m) to Machhapuchhare (6993m). The peak is situated on the Eastern rim of the Annapurna Sanctuary on the East bank of Modhi Khola River. Its SW face is visible from Machhapuchhre Base Camp.

Expedition peak in Nepal

Fixed Departure Climbing

Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition welcomes you to our fixed departure Peak Climbing schedule in Nepal. We will offer and operate you as per bellow Peak area, itinerary, cost and schedule in group joining basic. We will make fixed departure Peak climbing schedule, applicable time for thebetterment and make holidays plan for our client.

Bokta trekking peak

Bokta Peak Climbing 6,143m (20,154ft)

Duration: 29 (typically) Days Grade: Peru Difficult (PD+)

Bokta Peak (6,143 m) is one of them and is an intimidating peak in this region. Accomplished 8,000m mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner from Austria says that the Kanchenjunga region is her favourite place in Nepal; she loves it because it’s so wild! The peak is rarely climbed and permits have only been issued for climb since 2002 under the authorization of Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).

Chhukung-Re trekking peak climbing in Himalaya

Chhukung Ri Peak Climbing (5,550m/18209ft)

Duration: 19 (typically) Days Grade: Facile/Easy (F+)

Chhukung RI with its height of 5550m, similar to Kala Patthar lies above the village of Chhukung in the Khumbu Region. In three to four hours climbers can reach to the summit from Chhukung RI which does not require pre technical experience. People often used the Chhukung RI peak climbing as an acclimatization trip for Imja Tse (Island Peak) rather than its own right.

Mehra (Kongma Tse) Peak (5849m/19,189ft)

Duration: 21 Days Best Season: Spring (April, May) and autumn (October, November)

Khongma Tse was also known as Mehra Peak in the past with the altitude of 5849m rises to the north of Khongma La and stands above the Khumbu Glacier opposite to Lobuche. The summit of Khongma Tse makes up the long south-west ridge of Nuptse between the Khumbu and Nuptse Glaciers.

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