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Rafting Information

Best time for Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal can virtually be enjoyed all year round because the rivers originating from Himalayan glaciers and melting snow have continuous supply of water. In winter month snowmelt is minimal and hence the rafting is very tame and feasible only on selected rivers. During monsoon time May till June the rivers are wild hence rafting would be wild also and require very good skills and river knowledge from the operators. This is also time when mountain views can be crisp and clear because all the haze from burning wood is washed down by the rain.

Generally the best times for rafting are spring from March till early June and autumn from September till early December, when the weather is great and rivers flow well.


Water rafting is adventure sport and great fun; we will ensure that our guides are qualified, well trained and appropriately experienced to handle conditions of the river without compromising safety of our clients.

Safety is a paramount for Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition. We will ensure that our clients receive correct information regarding the rafting trip grade and we will suggest appropriate option to match their experience and fitness level to the trip grade.

As a part of the kit we will provide required safety equipment including approved safety helmet and safety jacket. Prior to the trip our guides will conduct an appropriate briefing to ensure that we all are familiar with safety procedures. As an additional safety measure we provide an additional guide in a kayak following rafts. Finally we will select guides with experience required to handle the class of the rapids along the route.

All our guides are familiar with First Aid and we carry all necessary First Aid Kit for the group.

All the safety however will not make your experience less remarkable and fun, what the rafting trip is all about.

The Guides

A good guide can enrich your rafting experience in many ways. Apart of guiding you along the river and ensuring your safety, the will explain many points of interests along the path related to history, geography, flora and fauna and culture encountered during the journey.

Before commencement of your rafting adventure the guide will brief the entire group on the rafting techniques and will ensure that everybody is familiar with rafting procedures, safety and emergency procedures.

Our Guides are experienced and are highly skilled in all aspects of tourism and rafting. All of our rafting guides hold a Government License and have been trained by Nepal Association of Rafting Agents. The copies of licences are displayed in our office. The guides employed by the Snowy Horizon Trekking and Expedition Company are people with a proven track record of honesty and personal integrity. Our guides speak English as well as other languages including Italian, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and others.

The Food:

Snowy Horizon employs a trained cook who prepares for you delicious and healthy meals to keep your body well fuelled along the trip. Our qualified cook understands all the safety measures when cooking for travellers and will ensure a high standard of food hygiene. We will supply necessary cook and kitchen crew for the number of tour participants so that you can enjoy a variety of meals at the camp fire and a good service. We provide tea and coffee as you desire and cold drinks, however no alcoholic drinks are provided, so if you require something alcoholic during the trip, then you have to remember to purchase it prior to rafting and bring it with you.


Nepal being mountainous country has very complex topography of narrow river valleys and spectacular high and steep mountains leaving very little room for roads, hence all roads are winding and narrow making travel slow and long for distances travelled. This gives you opportunity to explore the views at leisure and sample local cousins during numerous rest stops along the way to reach the destination.

We provide private tourist class vehicles for the transfer to your destination for the crew and clients and will provide breakfast, lunch and diner during rafting, however no snacks will be provided, so you must ensure to purchase all you favourite snacks prior to the trip and bring them with you.


Rafting is a fully outdoor adventure activity away from villages and guest houses with tent accommodation along the way. We will provide all camping equipment including tents, basic sleeping mats, camping furniture, kitchen and dining facilities and the camp fire. An appropriate toilet facility will be provided. The crew will setup the camp and tents and everybody is invited to participate and help the crew to create nice camp atmosphere. 

The camps are located on sandy beaches and you can choose to sleep inside the tent or outside on the beach, which many of our guest like to do as it adds a charm to the adventure.

The weather:

Warm weather can be expected during rafting season with very rare rainfall. In February and late October it can get chilly during the evening; it is when you will require some warm cloth such as fleece jackets or a jumper. While we are rafting you will be provided with a spray jacket to keep you warm. 

Rafting Grade in Nepal

In Nepal there are dissimilar the rafting category as a grade as per people’s feeling to rafting in river and water force. To really enjoy your rafting holiday it is important to prepare yourself physically and to choose a river that which grade’s river is suitable for you. For this reason we have graded our river to provide an indication of what is required. Please remember though, that only minimal exercise is required to prepare you for most of our trips.


Rafting Equipments

Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition has compiled a list of essential equipment, personal medical provisions, and summary of medical conditions likely to encounter during White water River rafting to help rafter in preparation and provisioning for rafting.

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