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How to Book Trek in Nepal?

Trekking Information

Nepal is best destination in the world for trekking and Expedition. It is a land of scenic grandeur and cultural diversity. Trekking on foot is the best way of knowing the people and places intimately. A network of well-managed trails throughout the trekking places would easily connect you with the numerous villages of Nepal. Treks in Nepal can be broadly categorized into two-a short trek and a long trek

Climbing information

Superficially Mountaineering Expedition is an activity similar to challenging trekking above the snowline with heavy emphasis on teamwork, physical stamina, psychological challenges stemming from isolation, physical hardship, adverse environment, ability to use climbing equipment in a proficient manner, such as ice axes, crampons and ropes, and confinement to a small group for weeks

Nepal tour information

Nepal Tour Packages are designed by  Snowy Horizon  for the experiences of the best destinations in the world for culture, nature and adventure. We offer the tours for you to discover the world of age-old temples, UNESCO world heritage sites, modest diversity of cultures and livelihood, colorful faunas and floras in the villages of mountains, meet with the friendly local people, watch ethnic cultural dances, tours for sunrise and sunset view from the hill tops and mountains including many more touristic activities in the Nepal Tour Packages.

World Heritage Sites

There are 812 World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO and four of them are located in Nepal. They are:

Popular Place in Nepal

There are many beautiful and interesting places to visit in Nepal. Nepal is one of the fulfill country of Nature beauty. The country is surrounded by Mountain of China side and covered with green forest of India. The places are full of history and historical remains and are remarkable for their beauties. Most of the places can be easily reached from Kathmandu by road or by air.

Rafting Information

Rafting in Nepal can virtually be enjoyed all year round because the rivers originating from Himalayan glaciers and melting snow have continuous supply of water. In winter month snowmelt is minimal and hence the rafting is very tame and feasible only on selected rivers. During monsoon time May till June the rivers are wild hence rafting would be wild also and require very good skills and river knowledge from the operators. This is also time when mountain views can be crisp and clear because all the haze from burning wood is washed down by the rain.

Map of Nepal

Nepal Information

Nepal is small country of striking natural beauty sandwiched between the two rising world power houses, China and India. In June 2006 the people's popular movement overthrew centuries-old Shah Dynasty and Nepal was proclaimed a Federal Democratic Republic on May 28, 2008. After many years of rebellion, the country returned to its natural state of peace and the nation is implementing legal system with a mix of enthusiasm and hope with some trepidation of unknown for the people of Nepal.

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